Law firm specialised in Family Law and Succession Right

Member of the Asociación Española de Abogados de Familia and of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)

Ricardo Cañizares

Family Law Firm

Calle de Toledo, 8 Madrid ES, Spain
Tel.: 913 659 304

Ever since 1991, we have
been working to achieve
the sucess of our clients

Our firm

Customer Service

We assist our clients providing them with our specialized expertise as a tool to reach high quality legal solutions, thus satisfying their needs. We are aware of the personal and special nature of the issues Family Law is dealing with and we perform as such. Therefore,

a) We submit each issue to specific analysis, granting constant, close and personalized attention for each customer.

b) We provide personal and individual treatment depending on the private and personal nature of the issues dealt with, taking special care when dealing with each case.

c) We offer our customers a previous and fixed budget before taking on a case depending on its complexity, guaranteeing our client a final cost of the case. When confecting the budget we study and offer a way of payment linked to the tasks which have been carried out until that time, so that practically everybody can receive legal advice and the desired defense, not leaving anyone for reasons of lacking the financial resources.

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“Kusjes”, Peter Levenaar bronze sculpture

“Kusjes”, Peter Levenaar bronze sculpture

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