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Member of the Asociación Española de Abogados de Familia and of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)

Ricardo Cañizares

Family Law Firm

Calle de Toledo, 8 Madrid ES, Spain
Tel.: 913 659 304

Ever since 1991, we have
been working to achieve
the sucess of our clients

Areas of specialization

Paternity, Maternity, Filial relationships, Emancipation, Adoption, issues related to Paternal Authority

The investigation on filial relationships and on paternity is a highly technical and delicate issue, with considerable consequences.

Adoption must be judicially established and therefore requires both national and international specialized legal advice.

Issues related to parental authority or custody and its rulings, its cease, respite or renovation are clearly of utmost importance from a personal and family point of view.

Passage of Alfonso X The Wis
Passage of Alfonso X The Wise "Las Siete Partidas", original edition of 1576

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