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Ricardo Cañizares

Family Law Firm

Calle de Toledo, 8 Madrid ES, Spain
Tel.: 913 659 304

Ever since 1991, we have
been working to achieve
the sucess of our clients

Areas of specialization

Legal incapacity, guardianship and protected Inheritance

Our firm is specially sensitive to this kind of processes as Ricardo Cañizares is specially concerned with cognitive disabilities matters and has done research on the legal, social and family features of this field.

A declaration of legal incapacity means a constraint in freedom to act. Its proceedings are quite peculiar and this is specially important as it involves the defense of the weak. The same goes for the constitution of the legal protection of the inheritance of the incompetent.

The creation, development and termination of guardianship are situations which require specialized advice and assistance.

Passage of Alfonso X The Wise
Passage of Alfonso X The Wise “Las Siete Partidas”, original edition of 1576

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